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  • Bonsai Podocarpus Buddah Pine Large 8"
    Podocarpus (Macrophyllus) 5 years old. This bonsai features dense, pointed evergreen dark leaves. It radiates a symmetrical appearance which is very appealing. It produces brightly colored fruits which are edible. It has a light green which darkens with age. 8"x 7"x 13" (Length by Width by Height..
  • Bonsai Juniper Large 8"
    Juniper Nana Exotic. This bonsai is native to China and has small white flowers that spontaneously bloom. The foliage is dark green and small in size, which beautifully contrasts with the flowers. The flowers turn into red berries that turn darker with age. These bonsais have beautiful curved trun..
  • Bonsai Mini Jade Large 8"
    Mini Jade (Portulacaria Afra) 6 years old. A native of South Africa, this bonsai has small pale green round leaves. The leaves always have a very vibrant look as they are used to store water. The trunk has a very healthy look. This bonsai is recommended for home or office use. 8"x 7"x 13" (Length..
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  • Bonsai Privet Large 8"
    Ligustrum Lucidum 7 years old. This bonsai blossoms beautiful small white flowers, usually in June. The foliage is very tight and compact making the bonsai very attractive. The trunk develops great stature and character giving the impression of maturity and age. This bonsai is recommended for indo..
  • Bonsai Serissa Large 8"
    This bonsai is known as the ladies bonsai because of its beautiful white, trumpet shaped flowers. When in bloom, this bonsai radiates a very mature and elegant look. The leaves have a shiny dark green color. Trained from a young age, this bonsai have exquisite branch and trunk structure along with s..
  • Mini Jade Rock Planter 8”
    This tropical beauty is one of the most popular of the indoor tropical bonsai. Imported from southern China it has very small leaves and produces a pinkish or whitish flower. 8"x 7"x 13" (Length by Width by Height) 7 lbs Serissa Foetida (Japonica) 7 years old Raised and trained by the expert ..